iMifosX has been built upon MifosX, Grameen Bank’s globally acclaimed Microfinance Software

iMifosX adds the following features to MifosX
  • Dynamic Service charge calculation for Interest Free and Islamic Microfinance​ Institutions
  • Expense based Performance Assessment of MFIs
  • Asset and Human Resource Management
  • Accounts Transfer Entry from Member to Ledger
  • Summary Report (Graphical) Using Pentaho
  • Sharia Compliance Product Configuration

MifosX is a platform for delivering the complete range of financial services needed for an effective financial inclusion solution. Mifos X is the industry’s only open platform for financial inclusion, it provides affordable, adaptable and accessible solutions for any segment of the market, new and small financial institutions can easily start with the community app in a hosted environment, medium and large institutions that are evolving into full-service providers of financial inclusion can use partner services to configure a Mifos X solution. It is widely used by Microfinance Institutions, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Credit Institutions. Mifos X is the cloud-based platform, which is available on the web as well as a mobile app.

MifosX Advantages

​• Used by Grameen Bank
• Globally recognized robust software
• 2.8 million Account Holders on this platform
• Cutting edge technology – On the core platform, developers can build their own apps as per their needs
• Modular Architecture, Highly customizable and scalable
• Deployable in any platform – Cloud or on-premise, online/offline, on a mobile or PC
• Client Data Management, Loan and Savings Portfolio, Integrated real-time accounting, Social and Financial Reporting
• Award Winning – Best Java Technology for Open Source Community

MifosX Features

​• Rapid product creation
• Multiple lending methodologies
• Full range of deposit products
• Charges, fees and penalties
• Responsible client management
• Robust accounting
• Business rules, workflow & risk management
• Social and business insight – reports
• Security – Authorization: Customizable by job and by user

Field Collector Mobile App

The mobile application is natively built and is access controlled. It has options like global search for
easy or operations in a mobile application. Operations performed on a mobile app is stored along
with the person who performs the operation for easier tracking.

Field collector mobile app salient features:

• Data Privacy
• Offline Sync.
• Intuitive User Interface
• Secure Over HTTP
• Less Memory & Processor Intensive

Member/Client Mobile App

The mobile application helps member/client to monitor their loan/savings/share accounts and to track all the transactions.

Member/Client mobile app salient features:

• Date Privacy
• Loan Application
• Loan Repayment
• Member to Member Money Transfer
• Transaction History

Other Services

• Debit Card Facility

Official Partner

Ideoholic is the official partner of Mifos. Listing can be found in the link below

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