Free & Open Source School Management Software

The global pandemic has caused massive changes in how educational institutes operates and engage with their students. With lockdowns and social distancing norms forcing institutions to rethink how they operate.

In this situation, investing in school management technology becomes necessary for school administrators.

Below are the advantages of using School ERP

  1. Accessibility: The operations of the institution can be monitored within the school premises or at home or anywhere around the world.
  2. Data Centralization: Data will be stored at the centralized location i.e., on the cloud. It can be accessed right at your desk and hence saves the time of visiting each department to get the data.
  3. Error Minimization: Software is less prone to errors than the humans, hence the errors can be minimized by using school management software. By having all your information in one platform, you will be able to automate many of the procedures and tasks prone to manual entry errors.
  4. Customization: Software can be customized according to your requirements to optimize the operations.
  5. Hardware Independent: No need to setup a separate hardware unit for the cloud-based software and hence your burden of hardware cost and its maintenance is taken care by the cloud.
  6. Optimization: It’s a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. This can be achieved using software. It helps in increasing the productivity.
  7. Resource Utilization: You can best utilize your human resources by automating the process.
  8. Duplication of Work: Duplication of work can be avoided. For example, the information details which was submitted during the admission of the students can be used on all the documents such as study certificate, marks card, fees receipts, transfer certificate.
  9. Smart Phone Accessibility: Software can be accessed via mobile phones.
  10. Upgradable: Software is highly upgradable to the new requirements and the new services.
  11. Communication: Hassle free communication between the parents, teachers and students.
  12. Data Security: Data is secured from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle.
  13. Student Progress Tracking: The graphical representation of the progress of the student helps in better analysis.
  14. Data Retention: Easy to maintain students, staff records over a long period of time.
  15. Budget Analysis: Financial reports such as trial balance, balance sheet helps in analyzing the budget.
  16. Paperless Office: The documents can be generated in pdf, word, excel format and the same can be shared to the parents, staff and students.

Below are the two opensource School ERP solutions

  1. ERPNEXT: ERPNext is an open source, modern, DIY ERP software for educational institutes and schools. It helps schools of any size to manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs with an interactive portal built on our platform, all out of the box.
  2. CURIUM: Curium is a complete School Management Software package designed to automate a school’s diverse operations. It is a centralized system that helps you in tracking the progress of classes, fee payments and send notifications accordingly. It is a paperless office solution for today’s modern schools. All the day-to-day activities of the school can be executed with much faster with ease, high accuracy and efficiency.
    To get a feel of the complete ERP, visit the demo link given below
    Demo URL :
    Credentials : username – admin
              password – admin
    Source code of curium is on github

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